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Here are some statistics that interested us when we first began exploring this product –

1. On average, 262.44 million Americans used facial tissues
2. On average, 34.7 million tissues a day are used while eating out, and 30.4 million at home
3. Upwards of 255,360,000,000 tissues were used in America (we threw it in here as we were really excited with this number)
4. Germany used 1.45 million tonnes of tissues (again this number got us excited)

When we looked at these recently published numbers, we knew our decision to deal in this niche and expand our network of manufacturers was spot on. Here’s a quick look at some of the varieties of tissues that our network manufactures. They are able to customize the output as per your needs with the output priced at most competitive rates.

Tissues - 2
Tissues - 1

Quick preview of a few samples.

There is more we can manufacture & customize as per your requirements
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