Customer Support Specialist

About the job

Please read the complete job post before simply reaching us. This is a beginner role with a salary range of Rs. 15,000 to 20,000 per month which would depend on the level and ability to communicate in neutral English and the sense you depict.

     We are looking for anyone who has a great command over verbal and written English language, so much so that he/she can seamlessly communicate over the phone, emails, and chats and sometimes over Video Team Meetings with our Customers, Clients, and Vendors in the US.

     The Job Applicant should also be well versed in the usage of Computers. And should be easily able to move around the internet to find any required information.

     The Job Applicant must have their own Laptop or Desktop which has a processor that is either Intel i5 or its equivalent. And RAM of 4GB or more. USB Headset or Earpiece with noise cancellation. Hardwired Broadband Connection with at least 50 MBPS uploads and download speed.

     We are a 24/7 business support company; hence, you would be placed typically in rotating shifts that rotate once a week or 2 weeks. The regular shift is a 9-hour shift with a 1-hour break that needs to be taken in parts during the shift. You may be asked to do a 12-hour shift, for which you will be compensated in the form of Overtime for the extra hours. There is plenty of growth once anyone is promoted to a manager’s role. The bigger the team that you handle, the bigger the income.

     This is not a Target-based job, and you would not be responsible for doing any end-to-end sales. However, you would be cross-utilized within the organization when required.

Coming to the shifts:

     Most of the projects that we currently have with us as well as the ones that are being onboarded are 24×7 support. Hence, the shifts would be rotational in nature, which will rotate as per the project’s staffing requirements. The shifts usually rotate once every one to two weeks. The shifts are for 9 hours a day with a 1-hour break which needs to be spread out. If the project you get deployed on needs you to log in additional hours, you will be rostered accordingly. Any additional time that you log in, will be compensated via overtime payment, which is your per-day salary for 9 hours extrapolated to the additional hours you have logged in. All OT payments have to be approved by your reporting manager.

Probation period:

     The probation period is for 90 days and can be extended by another 90 days based on the inputs from your reporting manager. There are no leaves allowed during the probation period. The leaves that you earn during your probation period will become available to you after you are confirmed.

Payroll & payroll cycle:

     Your payroll starts from the day you become billable. This means, for example, if you come on board on the 1st of the month and become billable on the 8th of the month, your payroll eligibility starts from the 8th of the month. The payroll cycle of the company is from the 1st to the 30th/31st of the month and the salary is processed between 15-20th of the next month.

Salary account:

     We partner with Jupiter Money for salary accounts. As soon as you become billable, an email with the instructions to open your salary account will be sent to you.


     1-year experience in customer service is preferred.

Next steps:

     Please reach us via WhatsApp on the following number +919429690114 for the next steps.

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Job Category: Operations
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Work From Home

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