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The fabrics

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Here are some statistics pertaining to the fabrics industry –

1. India is the 5th largest exporter of textiles & apparels with a total turnover of $37.11 billion
2. India clocked in $17 billion of textiles on 2019-20
3. India is rated among the top 3 countries with the best quality fabric

When we look at these statistics coming out and more so the contribution of small to medium scale manufacturing outlets, we knew our investment in this niche is in the right direction. We have established exclusive collaborations with manufacturers in key garment/fabric hub cities like Mumbai, Surat, Bhilwara. This ensures you get access to unmatched quality output. Here’s a quick look at some of the varieties of fabrics that our network manufactures. They are able to customize the output as per your needs with the output priced at most competitive rates.

Fabrics - 3
Fabrics - 2

Quick preview of a few samples.

There is more we can manufacture & customize as per your requirements
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Denim Fabric
Non-Denim Fabric